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Questions or Concerns

Kirsteen Watson is our safeguarding officer and is the first point of call should you have any concerns or questions relating to the welfare and safety of any club member. She can be contacted on 07377 329294 or by email

As part of our Safeguarding Policy, we commit to listening to, and acting on any concerns raised, and want all members to feel confident and comfortable to speak up where needed. We will treat all welfare related issues with upmost confidentiality and respect. 

Coaches Code of Conduct

IGC Equalities Policy

IGC Safeguarding Policy

Welfare & Safeguarding

Sport can and does have a very powerful and positive influence on people - especially children, young people and protected adults. Not only can sport provide opportunities for enjoyment and achievement, it can also help those who participate to develop valuable qualities and skills such as self-esteem, leadership and teamwork.  These positive effects can only take place if sport is in the right hands i.e. in the hands of those who place the welfare of all children and young people first and adopt practices that support, protect and empower them.

Inverness Gymnastics Club is committed to delivering all sessions, programmes and events in a safe and positive environment. By ensuring we adhere to our own, and to Scottish Gymnastics policies on safeguarding and welfare, we work in a manner that is in the best interest of the children, coaches, volunteers and staff within our club.

Scottish Gymnastics

To ensure the running of our club meets the expected standards of our members and their families, IGC works closely with Scottish Gymnastics to undertake the relevant training, and to adhere to all legislation in this area. 

Should you feel required to contact them directly regarding a safeguarding or welfare issue, you can call them on 0131 271 9733 or email them confidentially on 

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