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How do I renew a membership?

Simply click the ‘Join/Renew’ button at the top of any page on It’s quick and easy to do on smartphones and on tablets, or you may prefer to use a computer.

To complete the process, you will be asked to enter some personal details to create your member account, such as name, date of birth and home address of the member. 

As well as providing personal information, you’ll also need to confirm the name of your gymnastics club. If you are a gymnast (or their parent/guardian), you’ll also need to enter information on the type of gymnastics and membership you have or require - this will have been clarified in the email from your club lead coach or the club chairman. 


Why has the process changed?

Previously, IGC would register new gymnasts, and renew their membership with Scottish Gymnastics each year. From October 2017, to comply with new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we will no longer be able to pass on these personal details to Scottish Gymnastics. We are therefore asking all members (or your parent/ guardian if you are under 16 years old) to renew your Scottish Gymnastics membership directly through the Scottish Gymnastics website. 

In addition to complying with the new Data Protection Regulations, this also means that we will no longer need to issue and update Gymnast details forms, and with a simple process for updating and changing any information, it will be easier for our club management team to ensure we have the most up to date details on record.

Why do we need to register with Scottish Gymnastics?

All club members need to become members of Scottish Gymnastics, the national governing body for gymnastics in Scotland. This is to benefit from insurance cover as well as receive discounts and other member benefits. Being a member of Scottish Gymnastics means you automatically become a member of British Gymnastics too. By operating under the national governing body, Inverness Gymnastics Club ensures and demonstrates a commitment to delivering high quality gymnastics through a coaching team with nationally recognised qualifications, in a safe and appropriately managed environment. In addition, the club operates to the highest standards of child protection and welfare, benefiting from policies, training and guidance at a national level in the sport. 

There are also some great benefits for you and your family through your dual membership of Scottish Gymnastics and British Gymnastics, with excellent discounts on admission to Merlin destinations such as LEGOLAND, Warwick Castle, Madame Tussauds, Alton Towers Resort, SEA LIFE Centres and many more!  And if you want to make a weekend of it, you also get special rates with IHG® Hotels across the UK.

For our competitive gymnasts, membership for gymnasts, coaches and the club is required for entry in any recognised competition programme or performance development pathway. 


I have more than one child in the club, can I register them at the same time?

The new online membership system has been developed to enable a parent to create a 'master' account and then attach multiple members to that account. This means parents (including parents that coach or carry out a club role), can renew and update all memberships in a swift and efficient way.


We have paid our BG membership in September, do we need to pay again now?

No - As IGC operates to the Scottish School calendar, we include the annual BG subscription as part of the first terms fees. This avoids us having to bill gymnasts and their families for the BG subscriptions towards the end of the term. When you complete your online registration, you will be informed that you have no payment to make, as the club has opted to continue managing all subscriptions payments on your behalf. 

I still have questions on the process.

If you have further questions, please see the support pages on either Scottish Gymnastics ( or British Gymnastics ( Otherwise please drop us an email on or speak to your class coach. 

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