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We are conscious that, for some people, the last year has brought significant financial challenges. This year IGC has developed a member’s hardship fund, and will be piloting this scheme in time for the upcoming Spring term. This initiative, supported by club fundraising, has been developed to subsidise the cost of training fees where families are experiencing financial hardship.


Application to the fund is through completion of our application form which is available to download clicking the icon on the left or provided by your class lead coach. The form should be submitted by email directly to the Board of Trustees (Treasurer – or via your lead coach.


Applications for the Spring Term Hardship Fund are now open, with a closing date of 30th April 2021


All applications will be treated in confidence, with approval granted by our Board of Trustees on a termly basis. Further details of the fund are listed below.

  • The IGC Hardship fund has been designed to temporarily support members who are struggling to meet the cost of their fees as a result of changing circumstances. 

  • Grants are available to support gymnasts who have been members for at least 12 months. 

  • Applicants will be required to outline the changes in their circumstances resulting in financial hardship, and identify the level of fees that they believe they can still commit to paying. 

  • Application approval will be granted by the Board of Trustees, with the supported funding applied as a discount to billed fees. No transfer of funds from IGC will take place. 

  • As the fund is limited, applications will be asked to consider the level of support that they require. 

  • For gymnasts on competitive pathways, consideration will be given to competition costs, and the costs of maintaining minimum training hours across school holidays (this will be determined in discussion with the appropriate coach). Further additional training, camps, display trips and events will not be supported. 

  • The Hardship Fund cannot be applied for to cover outstanding fees. Providing a payment plan is agreed with the Club Treasurer, an application can be made for the current, 

  • Grants are to be made termly, and whilst applicants are welcome to make consecutive subsequent applications, the Board may reduce the amount of support available. 

  • The closing date for applications will usually be set as the first Friday of term, with the Board reviewing and confirming grants within 2 weeks. 

  • Grants will not be prioritised on ability or performance level, however high levels of unexplained non-attendance may be taken into account. If the changes in circumstances have resulted in these absences, then this should be advised in the application. 

  • The Board of Trustees will set a budget for the Hardship Fund, taking consideration of projected club cashflow. Where required, and supported by all trustees, this can be extended. 

  • In light of the Covid 19 impact, an initial budget of £2,500 has been set aside for the remainder for 2020-2021. It is noted that this is larger than we anticipate for subsequent years at this point. 

  • Where demand on the fund exceeds the available budget, the Board of Trustees reserve the right to delegate grants by either i) assessing on a first come first serve, or ii) reducing the size of grant for each application accordingly, or iii) a combination of both. 

  • The Board of Trustees reserve the right to end the Hardship Scheme at any point, however, will not seek a refund on grants already agreed during that term. 

  • The Board of Trustees reserve the right to undertake action to reclaim grants obtained fraudulently.

  • All information provided will be treated with the strictest confidence, in an unbiased manner, recognising that the benefit to the gymnast is our key priority. 

  • The Board of Trustees reserve the right to consider an award out-with the criteria noted above, recognised as a charitable donation, where exceptional circumstances apply. 

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