Home Training Disclaimer: Parents / guardians should understand that when participating in any exercise at home (club advised or otherwise), there is a possibility of physical injury. As such, in engaging in club led online sessions, following resources indicated by the club, or training in any manner at home, you agree that you do so at your own risk.

Where children are training at home, the following best practice should be observed:

  • You should ensure your child is adequately supervised, and that they have the appropriate amount of space for the exercise they are undertaking.

  • They should avoid working on skills or exercises beyond their ability, and should be aware of their surroundings (furniture, ceiling heights etc).

  • Gymnasts should be appropriately warmed up prior to taking part in conditioning, flexibility or skills work.

  • Programmes, sessions or resources provided by IGC will focus on safe development of basic fitness, and key strength, conditioning and flexibility relevant to the gymnast.


In light of the change to the UK Government's strategy for increased social distancing, and the advice to avoid non-essential contact, we have made the rational but difficult decision to suspend all training, classes, trips, and events until further notice,

Suspending our programme is a major decision for us, with a significant impact on our gymnast's training, our coaches livelihood, and most importantly the positive environment that our IGC community provides for all of us on a weekly basis. As such we are grateful for your support and patience as we manage this unprecedented situation. 

Inverness Gymnastics Club (SC048577) is the largest provider of Gymnastics in the city, and the only club operating in association with the National Governing Body. IGC operates a large number of gymnastics classes from preschool through to competitive and development club sessions, working with Scottish Gymnastics and neighbouring clubs to build capacity in the sport, and support gymnasts develop their skills, meet new friends and enjoy an active lifestyle. 

Despite a significant growth in the number of classes and venues, waiting lists are still in place for all age groups. 

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